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About Lisa Jayne Skender

www.Angels In Flight.com.au is owned by Lisa Jayne Skender, who was accredited by the Australian and International Psychics Association, as a Professional Member, working online in Australia and overseas on phonelines. I prefer to work purely for myself and left the Australian Psychics & International Psychics  Association after 2012, at the same time working for myself since 2008 online. My experience goes back as far as 1990, yet as a child I was predicting things before they happened. People can be taught to use their natural abilities, yet naturally if you follow through with your gut instincts that is all that matters. and learning to trust what is truthful. Those instincts have to be managed with continueous practice and preparation at times yet can be automatic once a person has learnt the method in which their natural abilities develop and extend.

Lisa Jayne Skender works professionally as a Vision Consultant, and does not use tarot cards, or any tools, as such, to do her work anymore as I started out using tools; but prefer not to use material practice.  As a professional visionary it requires, clear contact with a spirit/loved one. Some times the vision of what I see, or based on general information. Healing is also received, in the consultation. What you believe  brings about the healing, depending, on your spiritual understanding and growth.

Lisa, has great compassion, and understanding, of all life paths. And can connect with your soul to guide you in the appropriate path in your life, to help you understand your life purposes, experiences. Lisa believes in God, Jesus, religious identities, saints, Angels all that is good. I understand various spiritual realms, and beyond our world realms.

Lisa Jayne Skender was born in Perth, Western Australia, and has been spiritually sensitive growing up, in this world, My family background has Spiritualists in England, under the name simmonds, and some of you understand that knowledge is passed down, to family. I first discovered I was having visions when I was young, when I could sense things with people. My passion and love of spiritual work, started through my own personal experiences, having gone through near death experiences. one in particular was when I was hit by a car as a pedestrain, and went through the sequences of hearing the people around me, ambulance and then going into silence,  not being able to see, and then seeing a light which felt like a tunnel feeling of travel, and then a male voice I heard saying "It is not your time yet, you most go back, as their is much work to do" So sure enough, I was glad to come back to earth and finish the mission as they say..

My experiences as a victim of crime have also been miraculous as my angels and guides have always warned me and kept me safe. I have physically seen a cross appear in front of me, and it was a sight to see, amazing! Blazing in gold, with pure white shining, which was a summer's day outside on a blanket I used to use for my healing room. I totally get confirmed for myself that god is in control, and Jesus is the healer and consoler who forgives all sin.

Spiritual Journey Professionally

In 1996 I began doing readings, publicly I attended various festivals and expos in Perth and Sydney. I used various tarot, angel and affirmation cards. I now prefer to use my visions without tools, such as the cards, and look forward to the continuing journey of mastering my abilities.

I have people come to my home for face to face consultations, as well as phone consultations/skype. My clientele has grown over the years, and clients are happy to fill out affidavits to lawfully, commend me and my abilities at accuracy as a Professional Visionary. If you are a current client or past client, and would like to give a testimonial then please fill out a affidavit from your local justice of peace, and send it to me via mail not email thank you.

How I have helped with my abilities

Spiritually, I have helped people through working as a Professional Visionary, as well as other jobs, as a carer, for the aged and disabled, Hospital Departments. Every day I feel we can send out our love and prayers for helping others. Regardless of who we are, or what we do, professionally, we are all here to learn, from one another. Women against violence groups welcomed me to do meditation with them as well, which was lovely to see young women feeling more peace and calmness during their difficult transitions through prayer.

Studies and Experiences

Before working, at public events, I went to spiritualist and christian churches, and buddhist temples. It is interesting, how we can send out positive energies as a group of people in either church or unconventional settings. At Spiritualist churches I would practice, doing psychometry, photograph, jewellery, flower
readings etc. Everything can be read through it's vibrations. Whilst at the spiritualist churches I completed a healing course in 1999 and started connecting with spirit energies and channelling healing to others. I would read a persons aura ,and work with spirit using prayer of the christ light protection. I have since taken up, less structured approaches to healing, whilst maintaining full respect and care of the individual, I am assisting. I have held classes for both healing and meditation groups. but prefer prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

I believe, we must expand our learning, as a soul on this earth, where commitment is the key to living life, the best way we know how. Spiritual people understand through their life experiences, knowing the difference of why things happen comes with knowledge, and wisdom of your soul being.  I enjoy the healing work and prayer.

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