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Lisa Jayne Skender

Lisa Jayne Skender worked professionally as a Clairvoyant, Psychic, Medium, from April 2008 I started my website Angels In Flight; till now, yet find that the vision and perception of having a natural ability is in all of us. I do not use any material tools to do my work, only sight and hearing and senses of various kinds. in my work. As a professional medium, it requires, clear contact with a spirit/loved one. Sometimes the readings are clairvoyant of what I see, or based on general psychic information. Healing is also received, whilst in the presence with me, as the healing is from god.

Lisa, has great compassion, and understanding, of all life paths, and can connect with your soul to guide you in the appropriate path in your life, to help you understand your life purposes, experiences. Lisa believes in God, and Angels, and  Jesus, religious identities, saints, all that is good. I understand various spiritual realms, and beyond our world realms.

Lisa Jayne Skender was born in Perth, Western Australia, and has been spiritually sensitive growing up.

My family background has Spiritualist's in England, as some of you understand that knowledge is passed down to family. I started in 1996 developing my abilities, yet I could sense things with people when I was a child. My passion and love of spiritual work, started through my own personal experiences, having gone through near death experiences, I realized I had come back to finish doing what I am here for to help people transition.

My experiences as a victim of crime have also been miraculous as my angels and guides have always warned me and kept me safe. I have physically seen a cross appear in front of me, and it was a sight to see, amazing! Blazing in gold, with pure white shining.


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