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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is the ability of one or more persons to be the instrument, or means, of restoring mental, emotional and physical health to another, through the application of spiritual energies from a non-physical dimension. There are many healing methods, but divine energy has no confined faith, creed or nation and it is wide-spread in many faiths today. I have been given the cross vision for me to see from god, knowing that Healing in Jesus name is highly recommended, and in the name of the father the son, and the holy spirit Amen!. To say healing is a gift, or an art is misleading. Rather, it is a faculty that lies dormant in us all. All it requires is unconditional love, and compassion for others, and you can develop your spiritual self.

  1. Believe & have faith
  2. Have compassion & unconditional love for fellow men/women
  3. Respect nature, and all living creatures
  4. Get to know your Angels or who you believe
  5. Be responsible for your personal actions on earth
  6. Forgiveness of others or yourself, coming from your higher self in prayer or thought
  7. Knowing when we leave this earth, in time, that our soul is continuous

Healing can be put into wonderful practice, but depending on the soul, it can shift the muted energy, not necessarily, remove an illness, some times it is the souls journey to be in preparation to leave this earth, and go into the next, meaning spirit.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing Consultations are $5.00 per minute, via phone, Skype or in Person.

Spiritual healing can be basic clearing of the chakra's, or regressions, or general cleansing via through prayer and breathing techniques. A healing as such is in no way declaring you are healed, it is a preparation of the transition of many that can take place on various sessions of booked healings. No one client is alike, each individual need is unique and unlike each other. Like a blue print of one's life and many lives to some, all born into one in this life and the previous lives lived for those that believe in recarnation. Those that don't it is their belief or free will to believe in what they believe, or non belief, yet be open to the possible. Blessings unto you!

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We are all just the channels of healing energy, and spirit help, where they can if possible, even if it gives peace of mind, to the recipient, we as humans, cannot cure an illness, only beyond our world, can spirit, manifest a miracle, and yes! miracles can happen, as long as you as a human know, that you cannot promise, a person to be healed. It is wonderful to share healing modules, and see the benefits, people have.

Around every human being is an aura. This is an electro-magnetic energy field which radiates from the body of each individual. No two auras will be exactly alike, no matter how similar, because just as fingerprints relate only to the person they came from, so the aura relates only to the one person it surrounds.

God Bless!

Truly Yours, Lisa Jayne Skender