◎  World Peace

World Peace Now

Is what you want, world peace, if so, just start with yourself, feel peace, when you clear your mind, when walking your dog, in a park, or out with family, amongst nature, when you feel the unconditional love in your heart, you are able to transmute this energy to the people you love, and in return, with abundance of love, you can give to other's. Even those that don't feel the love from family, for example can put their love energy in to use, by giving to someone or something, that they feel. Outer love to the universe is alway's sent back to us, as the spirit love us unconditionally, and want us, as human beings, to learn to love, and accept, all kinds of unconditional love.

When you have compassion, and understanding, of a person, there is no divide, only love.

Love + Compassion = Peace

You personally, don't need to experience, other people's pain and suffering, only the capacity to listen, and have compassion. If you use your mind to over ride all sadness, then just for that moment, a minute, or a day, you could have room , to fill your head, with loving , positive, caring thought's, which lead to peace. If you start, now you will always have time, to send out thought's of peace, to family, friends, community, city, country,where you live. Whether you start with people, places, you are distant from, and work your way back to familiar places and your own families and friends.

The answer is send out peace, and love, to this earth, and watch the beautiful miracles that take place in your life, and world. Forgiveness is the greatest key to peace, and why would'nt you desire, inner peace. Start now! It's never too late.

Blessings of Love, and Light to you! And learn from the past, prepare for your peaceful future...